a unique ecofeminist poetic voice…


Her words dangle
off her limbs
Drops of water
they cling to fingertips
until the imminent

She speaks of
the possibility of rain
her thoughts will contain
flood waters
She is a thirsty landscape
holding slippery

Rivers still find their
way out
eroding silence
The terrain

Copyright © 2013, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.


Shami Tree

I want to live
in the crooks of your branches
knowing you in ways
that mistake leaves for eyelids
green veins running rivers
that pool in the pockets of my orbits
so I can drink you when I am thirsty

I want to peel back
your fibrous layers
splinters finding shelter
beneath my skin
each cell welcoming
this intrusion
so my body won’t reject you
when I am hungry

I want to soften
your unyielding core
molding you
into goddess-like statues
that I will deify
when I am virtuous

I want to collect
your saturated offerings
in anticipation of your
searing embrace
so we can endure
these dangerously dry winds

This friction will surely
set our limbs on fire


She built us a room
made of rocks
Now we throw glass
at stone walls and revel
in the sound of
our own shattering
we are splinters
seeking a way in
or out we fly
light as feathers
perching on fractured
bones awaiting
strength in

Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.


She says she needs to bleed
I am asking the stars
how to draw down the moon

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She flows through me

until her waters smooth

out my edges

leaving behind

a spelling of her name

that cannot be eroded


Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.


I want to go back in time

to the days before Zues and Apollo

taught men to rape

Stick toothpicks into your memory

and watch you grow

Until the windowsill can no longer

hold you

and the Earth welcomes you

as Her daughter

and she offers you

the fruit of her birthing

and tells you

Those who refuse to see

may mistake you for a weed

and pull you

from the stability of your foundation

Those who cannot feel

will assume you are weak

and step on you

hoping you will submit

to the weight of their blows

Those who will not hear

will fail to realize that the wind

needs your resistance

to play its symphony

Those who cannot love

will turn away while the others

attempt to dismantle

each root, stem, and leaf

that reminds them of the pieces

of themselves they failed

to pray away

But, you will be reborn

emerging from the body

of the Earth

with the fierceness

of a Greek Torera and braver than

a Daughter of Sparta

You will rise higher

than Roman Heroines

bringing back the Law of the Semai

You will spread

through all that is living

Proving they haven’t destroyed you

until there was nothing

left to propagate


Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.


Some say transitioning

is a journey

toward your true self

I have traveled

this unfamiliar path

Embarked upon your dusky roads

Tracing your beautiful scars

Leaving my fingerprints

along the way

to remind you

not to fear the unknown

Sometimes looking back

shows us which direction

we are heading

Sometimes I close my eyes

and imagine

what you will look like

when you reach the edge

of this mysterious roadmap

and your Journey is over

I have memorized

your hands

recited each line

hands that envelope me

like waves birthed by the ocean

Amid this changing landscape

your hands still feel the same

I have thrived

in your waters

Born onto your shore

first changed by the

clear, shallow tide

that carried me

into your dark waters

where dusk transforms

into night and

only the rarest

and deeply revered

creatures exist

that can only be seen

by those willing

to take this Journey

without the safety

of knowing someone else

has already been there

Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.



My limbs shed hopeful leaves

that flow onto your green blades


“Cut me open so I know I am still alive”

Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.



She wrapped me around the tip of her finger
Molding the ends of my pliable threads
Around wanting knuckles

In the comfort of this union
I rose up
Bursting with possibility

Copyright © 2012, Kelly Conroy. All Rights Reserved.

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